Sunday, January 16, 2011

Whom are they fooling?

For the past 60 years, Chinese propaganda has published photos showing how people are happy in the Communist paradise known as China.
This is  also true for Tibet, where the serfs have been 'emancipated' and the people 'liberated', says the official media of the Middle Kingdom.
The propaganda also shows how harmoniously the different races live together in minorities area (like Tibet or Xinjiang).
One wonders why riots occurred all over Tibet in March/April 2008 and a year later in Xinjiang!?
Frankly, who is fooled by this propaganda? Neither the Tibetans in Tibet, nor the 'westerners', or even the millions of tourists visiting the Land of Snows every year.
Perhaps the Beijing leadership is fooling itself.
By the way, the French being now the saddest people on the planet, President Sarkozy should start using Chinese know-how to make the world believe that the descendants of Asterix the Gaul are jolly people. It would be just one more 'Chinese outsourcing' for France.


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