Friday, January 29, 2010

A Clarification

In an article published in and entitled Ngabo, a Traitor or a Patriot (The Ngaboization of Tibetan Society and its dangers), Vijay Kranti mentioned my name.
I would like to clarify my position on L’Affaire Ngapo (or Ngabo).
First of all, I believe that it is up for the Tibetans to decide whether to bestow a designation like ‘traitor’ or ‘patriot’ to one of their countrymen. Being a foreigner, I don’t consider it proper for me to comment on the decision of the Kashag, the elected body of the Tibetans.
However, as a student of Tibetan history, I have my own opinion on the subject.
On my blog, I have cited a few historical incidents which influenced this opinion.
Here is the link to my postings on the subject

The only point which makes me sad is that it seems that there is no distinction today between someone who is ready to fight for his country (or for his deepest convictions) and someone who is afraid to displease the masters of the day. I believe that it is important for a society to make this distinction clear; otherwise the martyr will remain on the same level as an ordinary person.
When I speak of defending one’s country, I am not speaking of a ‘nation’ in the parochial sense, but more in terms of the universal values which the Buddha Dharma and Tibet represent, which are, in my opinion, worth fighting for (and in some extreme cases, dying for).
Ngabo would have been great, if he had dared to speak out for these values. He never did. It is HIS tragedy.

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