Thursday, August 4, 2011

On the Roof of the World

My article On the Roof of the World — China’s Vice-President In Tibet appeared in The Statesman.

A few months ago, the Chinese State Council’s Information Office released a White Paper titled The Liberation of Tibet. It affirmed: “The 60 years following Tibet’s peaceful liberation have proved that Tibet, as an inseparable part of China, shares its destiny with the motherland, and its development is also impossible without that of China.”
Going through the paper, one discovers astonishing information: “Under the leadership of and with special care from the central people’s government, and through democratic reform, the founding of the autonomous region, socialist construction and the reform and opening-up, Tibet abolished serfdom and theocracy, became a modern, democratic socialist society, achieved rapid and comprehensive economic and social development, and embarked on the road to modernity.”

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