Friday, May 2, 2014

The more you sweat in peacetime, the less you bleed in wartime

General Fan Changlong, Xi and Yu Zhengsheng watching military exercises in Xinjiang
During his 4-day visit to Xinjiang, Xi Jingping, the Chairman of the Central Military Commission spoke to the Chinese soldiers posted near the LAC in Ladakh and told them: "I hope that you care about each other, help each other, learn from each other, safeguard national unity and defend the motherland frontier."
He also addressed the People's Armed Police in Kashgar and lectured them: "The more you sweat in peacetime, the less you bleed in wartime." 
The last message was probably for both the Army and the paramilitary forces.

Recently the Chinese press reported a series of 'trainings' in Xinjiang Military District of Lanzhou Military Command (MAC) and Tibet Military District of the Chengu MAC.
Here are a few examples.

Tank driving training
A brigade of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) under the Tibet Military District last week conducted some training for the crews of armored vehicles. They had to practice tank driving in the Lhasa River.



Special Operations Training in Xinjiang
Probably in view of Xi Jinping's forthcoming visit, a 'special operations' brigade under the Xinjiang Military District conducted a comprehensive training  'in a field training ground'.
According to Xinhua: "They completed more than 10 training subjects, such as battlefield reconnaissance, tactical action and field survival, so as to improve their actual-combat capability. "

Night-Operation Training
Xinhua reported: "A brigade of the Chinese People's Liberation Army stationed in Tibet organized its scouts to carry out actual-combat training with their advanced night vision equipment at night. With the night vision equipment, such as the night vision, laser collimator and range-finder, the scouts completed the tactical training subjects, including close surveillance, target tracking, collaboration and annihilating."


It is a good reminder for India.
In spite of the 'border talks' progressing smoothly, on the other side of the Himalayas, the Chinese are ready for any eventuality.

Para-jumping Training
One more exercise a few months back


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RAJ47 said...

River crossing was performed on or before 4/6/2014 and not one week before as reported.