Thursday, August 30, 2012

Thank democracy for small mercies

My article Thank democracy for small mercies appeared in today's Pioneer.

India has been hit by various scams that have rattled the people and made them question our political leadership. But at least we can heartily criticise and condemn, unlike the people in China.

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You can also read it below ('India and the Chinese Model').

After writing this article, I found an interesting related news item published by the BBC (Chinese language)

People's Daily Editor’s Suicide highlights the Plight of Media Personnel in China On August 22, 2012, Xu Huaiqian, the former editor-in-chief for the Dadi (Earth) supplement of People's Daily, committed suicide. Xu’s suicide elicited heated responses from Chinese netizens. Xu Huaiqian’s words were quoted in Chinese media and quickly circulated on the Internet.
Xu said: “My pain is that I dare to think but I cannot speak out; I dare to speak out but I cannot write; I dare to write but I have no place to publish.”

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