Thursday, August 9, 2012

China Testing India’s Nerves

My article, Blow hot, blow cold! China Testing India’s Nerves appeared in The Statesman on August 7, 2012.

CHINA is blowing hot and cold with India. Beijing can afford to because it is far ahead of India, not only in the Olympic tally, but also in the field of infrastructure development on the Indo-China border in Tibet. Frank Jack Daniel of Reuters recently iterated what every India-China watcher in the subcontinent knows: “In the Himalayan arms race, China one-ups India”.
In fact it may not be one-up, but ten-up. Quoting a 2010 Pentagon report, Daniel said: “It has all the appearance of an arms race on the roof of the world. Asia’s two great powers are facing off here in the eastern Himalayan mountains. China has vastly improved roads and is building or extending airports on its side of the border in Tibet. It has placed nuclear-capable intermediate missiles in the area and deployed around 300,000 troops across the Tibetan plateau.”

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