Sunday, December 15, 2013

Wu on the move: propagating the 'massline'?

Zu in Spain
Wu Yingjie, one of the deputy secretaries of the Tibet Autonomous Region had 'disappeared' from Lhasa for several months.
A couple of times (last in December), I reported about the purpose of his long stay in Nagchu.
He was sent (by Xi Jingping and Yu Zhengsheng) to the most restive prefecture of the Region to implement the 'massline' campaign so dear to the Chinese President.
Wu has now reappeared ... in another continent, again with a fire-fighter job.
He has been spotted in Spain where he has tried to convince some Spanish parliamentarians that the decision of the Spanish Court to indict former President Jiang Zemin, former Premier Li Peng and others is not good, not good at all ...for Spain.
China is a Big Power; it is better not to irritable China!
One can understand that Beijing does not appreciate at all the Court's decision, though the new leadership does not seem to know what to do about it!
The question is: will Wu be more successful in Spain than in Driru and  Nagchu?
Till now, the 'massline' campaign has not solved any problem, on the contrary.
Wu is also planning to visit France in the next few days.
What will he explain to the French? That his Nagchu's mission was a failure?

Tibet delegation of NPC visit Barcelona
December 15, 2013
Doreen Wang
China Tibet Online
he Tibet delegation of National People's Congress (NPC) visited Barcelona, capital of Spain's northeastern Catalonia region and held a meeting with president of parliamentary affairs committee and foreign affairs director of Spanish Catalonian Municipality on Dec.13, 2013.
Wu Yingjine [Yingjie], deputy to the National People's Congress and vice executive secretary of the Tibet Autonomous Region, who is also head of the delegation, detailed the development and changes of Tibet in recent years and a series of supporting policies from the central government. Wu said that Tibet would like to strengthen communication and cooperation with Catalu in the fields of culture and education and especially tourism.
Delegation from Catalonia region said that China's development has attracted worldwide attention, and Spanish has paid close attention to the series of measures of deepening reform adopted by China since the Third Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee. Catalonia is developed in tourism and would like to exchange views and learn from each other with Tibet.
It is reported that Tibet delegation will visit Paris later.

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