Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Xi Jinping's spouse praising Tibet

I am reposting here an old piece on Xi Jinping (then Vice-President), his wife Peng Liyuan ...and Tibet.
The video shows Peng Liyuan praising Tibet, something she may not do while in India.
Today, The Hindustan Times consecrates an article to Mrs. Peng,explaining:
"Peng became a household name after she performed on China Central Television, China’s national broadcaster, during the Spring Festival, or Chinese New Year, gala programme in the early 1980s. The yearly programme which is still popular is viewed by millions every year. Earlier this year, Forbes magazine named her the 57th most powerful woman in the world, comparing her to Michelle Obama." 
Of course, since her husband has become China's strong man, her rating has considerably improved.
The Hindustan Times quotes Forbes describing her:
"Parallels between China's First Lady Peng Liyuan and her U.S. counterpart, Michelle Obama, include their sharp sense of style, prominence on the global stage, and commitment to their nation's health and education.” 
The daily adds: "She is also known to use China-made accessories like clutch bags rather than opt for MNC brands Her sense of dressing has also caught the eye of both the media and common Chinese citizens, with many commenting favourably on her style."

The South China Morning Post describes her thus:
"Peng appears to like structured clothing. Tailored jackets, nipped in at the waist, seem to have become a favourite of hers. She also likes modernised Chinese qipao dresses, Chinese floral motifs and mandarin collars - a stylistic statement and a strong visual theme for her brand of ‘soft power." 
As India has no First Lady, who will take her around, when Modi and her husband discuss the future of the Sino-Indian relations?
Wait next week for the answer.

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