Monday, February 1, 2021

1962 - Reflections of the Past

A new book, 1962 - Reflections of the Past, published by Lancer Publisher is just out.

ISBN-13: 978-81-7062-329-8 

ISBN-10: 81-7062-329-4

It is available on Online Military Bookshop at the following address: or

If one event has deeply marked the Indian psyche since Independence, it is certainly the short Sino-Indian conflict in October/November 1962.
The publication of a this book (in this particular case, a compilation) on this subject is therefore always welcome, as it helps to understand what went wrong, as well as the positive sides.
For the Indian nation, the 1962 conflict with China was indeed most traumatic, particularly for the nearly 4,000 prisoners of war (PoWs), the experience was extremely harrowing. Still today, some veterans who spent several months in the PoW’s camps in Tibet, refuse to speak to their families and friends about those dark days.
The Indian nation needs to understand what happened then to make sure that India does not have to live such painful times again.

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