Thursday, August 13, 2020

Updating my Website

 A word to announce  some updates on my website.

First, the last volume of my quadrilogy on the relations between India and Tibet (1947-1962) is displayed; the research was carried out under the Field Marshal KM Cariappa Chair of Excellence of the United Service Institution of India.

This volume 4 is titled, The End of an Era: India Exits Tibet - India Tibet Relations 1947-1962.

It can be ordered on

For more information and order, read this post on my blog.

Then, I have started a new page on the History of the Northern Borders of India.
I have posted several essays, papers and articles on the three sectors of the boundary.
I hope to enrich it soon with the outcome of more researches. 
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Finally, I am trying to add new historical documents on the Tibet issue, the Indian Presence in Tibet, the 1959 events in Lhasa, the 1962 border war with China and many other topics relevant to the India's security today.  

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