Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The New French PM and the Tibetan flag

Jean-Marc Ayrault hoisting the Tibetan Flag
One photo that may not see again. 
The new French Prime Minister, Jean-Marc Ayrault was the Mayor of Nantes when this picture was taken.
He is still a deputy in National Assembly and has been President of the Socialists' group in the Parliament for a long time. 
The BBC said: "Mr Ayrault is likely to have a greater say in formulating policy than some of his predecessors, as the president has indicated that he will leave day-to-day business to the government. His contacts at European level, in particular his expertise on Germany, have already come in useful to Mr Hollande."
But one thing he will probably not able to do anymore is to hoist the Tibetan flag. 
Though, as I mentioned several times on this blog, Mao Zedong had no objection to the Dalai Lama hoisting the Tibetan Flag on his place of residence in Beijing in 1954-55.

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