Friday, November 13, 2009

Tibetan Festival in Sikkim

Minister T.T. Bhutia visiting a stand

While the Indian media was busy covering the Dalai Lama's visit to Tawang, several Tibetan and Sikkimese NGOs and the Government of Sikkim organized a Tibet Festival in Gangtok. Crowds thronged the venue. The opening ceremony was attended by no less than three ministers of the Chamling Government and on the last day, it is the Chief Minister himself who declared the Festival closed.
Apart from the exhibition, a dense program of lectures, religious discourses, panel discussions, traditional dances, fashion shows (featuring Miss Tibet!) was offered to the thousands of visitors.

Is isn't a strong statement from the people and Government of Sikkim about their age-old relation with Tibet?   
While the Tibetan culture is being erased in Tibet, the Cultural Renaissance in the Himalayan Belt, whether it is in Tawang, Gangtok, Leh or Spiti is fact. Everybody, including Beijing has to accept that is mainly due to the presence of the Dalai Lama in India for the past 50 years.


Nine FM & Sikkim commemorates 'TIBET FESTIVAL'
NINE FM and the Tibetans of Sikkim presented the 'TIBET FESTIVAL' to exhibit the spirit of Tibet in its original form.

Siliguri, West Bengal, November 11, 2009 /India PRwire/ -- The state of Sikkim is home to a multitude of communities - Lepcha, Bhutia, Nepali, Tibetans, Limboos and many more. Each community resides peacefully as a whole and they are free to express and celebrate their mirth without any inhibitions. NINE FM and the Tibetans of Sikkim presented the 'TIBET FESTIVAL' to mark their presence in the state and to open new avenues of learning to the people who are ignorant of the Tibetan Culture.
The Tibet festival was held at Kanchenjunga Shopping Complex, Gangtok from November 6 to 10, 2009 to coincide with the 50 years of the Tibetan people's life in exile and to express their gratitude to the state government and the people of Sikkim.
Lectures and exhibits on Tibet's Cultural Heritage, Buddhism, Tibetan medicine, astrology, traditional music and dance, costumes, crafts, and cuisine was showcased at the festival. The festival showcased the rich cultural identity of Tibet that has been conserved for the past 50 years in exile with kind assistance from the Indian government and its people. It also exhibited the spirit of Tibet in its original form.
On this auspicious festival, His Holiness the Dalai Lama had sent his greetings to the first ever Tibet Festival which was read out at the opening function of the festival. T.T. Bhutia, the Minister of Transport & Public Health Engineering, presided over as the chief guest for the inaugural function.
When it comes to promoting culture and 'oneness' NINE on 91.9FM has always been an enthusiastic medium of promotion which is why NINE FM,Gangtok was the official radio partner of the Tibet Festival.
NINE on 91.9FM, Gangtok covered the entire event on-air. Live links from the venue was aired. Playing the role of the official radio partner NINE FM, Gangtok invited the people to come forward and be a part of the festival. NINE FM also aired messages on the importance of preserving one's rich cultural heritage.
Speaking of the festival, Mr. Bobby Gupta, Chief Executive, NINE FM said, "It is indeed an honor to be a part of the Tibet Festival. The best way to preserve our cultural heritage, whatever it may be, is to share it with others. Sharing our cultural heritage helps to enrich the lives of others through the gift of discovering diversity. There are several ways we can accomplish this and TIBET FESTIVAL is one such initiative."

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