Wednesday, January 4, 2012

More unrest, more cameras

To deal with the growing unrest in China, the  Government in Beijing has found the solution: to install more and more surveillance cameras.
The only question is: will it make people happier, will the society be more harmonious and the country more stable?
We may soon have the answer to these questions.

Wuhan Installed a Quarter Million Monitoring Cameras
January3, 2012
People’s Daily recently reported on the completion of a government funded two-year project to install a quarter million monitoring cameras in Wuhan, the largest city in central China. The camera network is built on three levels. The top level monitors major transportation spots, large squares, schools, and colleges. The second level monitors main connecting roads and district-level locations. The third level monitors 225,000 “social check-points.” The whole system is divided into layers of “cells” in a “grid.” Mobile monitoring cameras are also mounted on police vehicles. There are seven different types of cameras deployed and the vast majority of them provide high definition digital video. The police operate the central control of this monitoring network.
Source: People’s Daily, December 29

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