Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Forest fire raging in Tibet

Climate is changing very fast. This year, Yunnan province of China has suffered from a severe drought and several areas of Zayul County, north of Arunachal Pradesh are witnessing damaging forest fires. 
In a way, it is nearly-instant Karma, the Chinese have for years deforested these areas.

Forest fire raging in Tibet 
March 22, 2010
LHASA - About 1,000 soldiers and civilians have been mobilized to put out a fire raging since Sunday noon in a forest area in southwest China's Tibet autonomous region.  
The fire has spread over 26 hectares in the forest, only 500 meters away from a school in Chayou [Zayul] County, Nyingchi [Nyintri] Prefecture. No casualty has been reported, but the fire is still raging amid windy and dry weather, according to the fire control headquarters.  
Meanwhile, another fire that broke out Sunday noon was put out  by about 2,000 policemen and firefighters by Sunday midnight in Chongqing Municipality, to the north of Tibet. 
The fire ravaged at least 20 hectares of a forest in Dadukou District. No casualties have been reported, as residents near the fire had been evacuated. The cause of the fire is being investigated, officials said.

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