Sunday, May 27, 2012

China needs the Dalai Lama

My article China needs Dalai Lama appeared today in the Sunday magazine of The Pioneer.
The Tibetan leader has recently revealed his fears about the Chinese plot to kill him. CLAUDE ARPI, however, believes that the Tibetans’ resistance to China will only grow — and even turn more aggressive — after the Dalai Lama’s exit.

...As for China, a new set of leaders will be selected towards the yearend. When the time comes for President Hu to prepare a ‘balance-sheet’ of his 10 years at the helm of the Middle Kingdom, his Tibetan policy will be shown in the liabilities column; it is a personal failure for someone who started his ascent to the top as Party Secretary in Tibet in 1988.
His presidency will remain the darkest for the Tibetans and other ‘minorities’. His best bet was the Dalai Lama, a moderate leader by excellence; he should have met him and discussed threadbare the Tibetan situation. A solution was certainly possible.
With the political struggle going on in China today, will we see the emergence of a new Hu Yaobang? Can a reformist leader last in the presently locked Communist system? This is the key to a solution of the Tibetan issue. A solution has to come from China.

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