Sunday, February 7, 2010

Tibet: a good business


Nearly 8 lakhs of visitors for the Potala alone. It is good business for China. One understands that they were upset after the unrest in March/April 2008. It was a big loss in revenue.    

Potala Palace receives 780,000 visitors in 2009
China Tibet Information Center
Last year, the Potala Palace received 782,500 tourists and worshipers, with a yearly increase of 62%, according to a cultural conference held in Lhasa.
The Zhol City of the Potala Palace has embraced 28,000 visitors since its opening to the public last August and the Norbu Lingka also got 470,008 tourists and believers, up by 72.4%, said Yu Dawa, director of Tibet Regional Cultural Relics Bureau.
The tourism industry resumed rapidly in 2009. Materials from Tibet Regional Cultural Relics Bureau said, till last October, the cultural units in Tibet have received over four million visitors, a new record in history.
Since 1999, the reception of cultural units in Tibet is less than one million, and stands at one million in 2000 while exceeds one million in 2001 for the first time.
In recent decades, the Central Government invested over 200 million yuan for two maintenances and the latter one started in 2009.
Since 2003, Tibet has set a number-limit of 2,300 for daily visitors to the Potala Palace.

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