Thursday, February 4, 2010

Ten more things I hate in India

A few years ago, when I wrote an article about the 10 things I hate about India, I was criticised by many, while others agreed. As I grow older, many more things irritate me now. I have listed 10 of them below.
However, having completed 35 years in this country, I realise how much I love this incredible India, the following irritants notwithstanding: Click here to read the article.

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Anonymous said...

Just wanted say, that I agree with many of the things you said, except the point you made against reservation. True, that there are a lot of people misusing the reservation quota, but if you see on the grassroot level, reservation helps. Even today, millions of 'low-caste' people are being discriminated against, some even losing thier lives in the process. In the municipality schools, separate drinking water areas are still kept for children beloging to the 'lower castes'. Even in many urban areas, people belonging to these communities are shunned. There are many more incidents which go to show why we need reservation. And considering that people from lower castes have been ill-treated for centuries, let the government provide reservation for one century at least. What say?